12 Week Plan

Functional Physiques 2.0

£ 149.00 GBP


The second instalment of the Functional Physiques Training Series is a progression from 1.0

Over the next 12 weeks you will further develop strength, performance and all-round athleticism, resulting in another step towards becoming the complete performer.

Having refined your movement and built some considerable strength in FP 1.0, you’ll be exposed to more complex patterns that link the body together to create more dynamic and explosive efforts.

Your newly formed aerobic base will be pushed further with longer duration conditioning pieces as well as shorter metabolic efforts to prime the engine and further adaptation.

What's Included

  • The progressions to foundational patterns developed in 1.0
  • New tempos to help you own your positions
  • Heavy breathing work
  • Strongman principles
  • New training splits
  • An optional 5th weekly session
  • An introduction to Olympic lifting patterns