12 Week Plan

Functional Physiques 3.0

£ 149.00 GBP


The Third instalment of The Functional Training Series is the progression from 2.0

After 24 weeks of solid training, we enter our third cycle.

By now, your movement quality should be refined and considerable strength, size and capacity work accumulated.

This next phase looks to continue with the full chain barbell exercises to further develop your athletic prowess and there is a distinct shift back to the periodisation required for physique to grow.

Be prepared to grind out more conditioning pieces through a range of workouts designed to build each energy system.

What's Included

  • The progressions to foundational patterns developed in 2.0
  • Progressive training weeks to build size and strength
  • Heavy breathing work
  • Strongman principles
  • New training splits
  • 5 weekly sessions
  • Olympic lifting patterns
  • Re-tests of some of your old favourites from the previous block of training